When is the next YCC meeting?

I’m bad at remembering this stuff.2023-03-07T05:00:00Z

2023-03-21T23:30:00Z"Next meeting is March 21. Shadows of Antietam in 2D and 3D, a photographic journey back in time. Author Robert Kalasky , “Shadows of Antietam”, "has painstakingly re-created Gardner’s and Gibson’s output, retracing their footsteps by location, date, and time…has assembled a comprehensive study, based on sunlight and shadow, of the 74 known glass plates recorded by Gardner and Gibson at Antietam…groundbreaking research for correcting previous errors and misjudgments made about the photographers’ trek ". His talk will also be addressing who were possibly the first dead American soldiers photographed, the discovery of where the previously unknown location of the famed “Irish Brigade” image is located, a forensic study that identified a Confederate Colonel, and a photographer’s faux pa that was a major discovery.


There’s a little calendar icon in the toolbar when you create a post. You can add a date that let’s people add it to their calendar. Probably most helpful for mobile phone users. They can set reminders with it.

Here is a web site link.